The 16th D.S.S.S vs Police SC Game

A comment  from a police officer :

Just wanted to touch base after another fantastic day with the Doveton Special Soccer School on the 8th of April.  Firstly, I hope myself and Jacko were suitable replacements for Ron “the special one” Sinclair.

Thank you to Carlos, volunteers and the other helpers on the day.  The work you guys do is amazing, and it is clear to see how beneficial it is to everyone involved in the Doveton Special Soccer School.  I think I can speak for all the members attending on the day how rewarding it is to see the smiles and laughs from everyone playing soccer.  The facilities at Soccer 5’s is fantastic and I look forward to many more games against the DSSS at this venue.

Thank you once again to Jamie and the team at Melbourne Victory who again showed their commitment to community engagement by providing tickets and merchandise bags on the day.

This is a fantastic annual event that has and will continue to be heavily supported by our club. Thank you once again to all those that played or attended on the day. I know there were a few last-minute drop outs due to uncontrollable events but thanks for putting your hand up anyway!

Thank you once again to everyone involved.




And on behalf of D.S.S.S  we like to thanks to all the police sc players for the commitment and sportsmanship for our players,also thanks Alex and Matt for organized the trip to AMMI Park for the Melbourne Victory vs Wellington Phoenix  ,once again thanks.

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