Paul Phillips

Country of birth:  New Zealand

Family: Married with 3 children and 1 grandson

Nickname: Uncle Fester

Hobby’s:  Riding my Harley, Watching Melbourne Storm, spending time with family and traveling.

My Daughter Brooke joined Doveton Special Soccer School in 2008 and really enjoyed it.

Over the years our family increasingly became more involved in the club.

I started to help out as a casual coach when I was available and enjoyed being around the players.

Over the last 10 years I have been coaching alongside Carlos every Saturday been away on many trips, the most challenging was China in 2019.

I developed a love of soccer from my father whom grew up in England and we followed the English Premiere league. Dad went for Liverpool and I secretly followed Manchester united.

As a Child I played soccer in New Zealand and represented Wellington in the regional league as a defender and a goalkeeper.

As a teenager I got into motorbikes and cars and soccer was more a social game for me, I still played but in the social league.

Wendy and I arrived in Australia in 1986, that’s when i became involved in softball as a player and a coach. Our whole family was playing softball on a Saturday for a few years, at the ground at 8am and last game finished at 6pm. They were very long days.

I have also played indoor cricket and indoor soccer for many years in Springvale.

I love being around the players, the challenges they present and seeing how happy they are to be playing the game we call soccer.

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