As a leading organisation of all abilities soccer in South East Melbourne we must continue to reach out to new players and allow them the earliest possibility of falling in love with the most participated game in the world. Soccer!

Players from as young as 6 years through to 14 years old can join our NEW All Abilities Soccer Academy Junior program. The program is players to be a part of all year round and your child can be a part of it now!

2022 Schedule

  • Term 1 – Free Come & Try
  • Term 2 – Training
  • Term 3 – Training + invitation competitions
  • Term 4 – Training + invitation competitions

In Term 1 & Term 2 we will be launching our Free Come & Try Sessions where new players can play in a free trial over multiple weekends.

  1. Training -Saturday 19th March 2022
  2. Training – Saturday 30th April 2022

The session will be held at the following time and venue

  • 11:00am – 12:00pm
  • Venue: Soccer5s Dandenong 29 Brindley Street Dandenong South 3175


Once your child has had the best soccer experience with us here, they’ll of course wish to sign up for our 2022 soccer season.  They can then start from Term 2 with us every week! Our registration includes a uniform too so they’ll feel part of the club immediately.

Our Mini Roos coaches are super encouraging, super enthusiastic, and allow all players to join in and learn the game at their own pace. We aim to;

  • Firstly have lots of fun and a place to make friends
  • Increase confidence
  • Soccer basics – first touch, running with the ball, striking the ball and 1v1 PLUS skills
  • Small sided games and activities

Not only will our club have an impact on your child’s life socially, physically and mentally, but our club want to invite the parent to be a big part of it too. We hope this is a place for you to both enjoy some time to relax, but also a place for you to meet new friends and a community who experience similar challenges and experience. We welcome you to be a part of it together with your child.

As your child progresses with us and their development continues, we’ll be playing invitational competitions against other all ability junior teams in Melbourne so that they get the chance to experience games and competition.

Our Player Pathway means eventually they’ll transition from just training and skills, into regular competition so they can be the best they can be at soccer.

Whilst our ultimate goal if to increase participation, we recognise those players of a higher football development stage need to progress, and for those we will recommended to try out for State teams and represent us in the Victoria State Teams.

Want to join?