Name: Jayden
Country Of Birth: Australia

Jayden joined Doveton Special Soccer Club in 2008 at the age of 10.

With an English Grandad who loves soccer, he and Jayden were kicking a ball in the backyard or park from the time he could walk, and there started his love for soccer. With Jayden’s disability fine motor skills are an issue for him, so with soccer involving more gross motor skills, this gave Jayden a chance to enjoy and succeed at an activity.

Jayden has loved attending the club each week learning and improving on learnt skills, always giving 120% whether it’s training or playing a game.

He was selected & played for the Victorian Soccer Team in the 2014 Special Olympics.

His love for sport also earned him The Prestigious Pierre De Coubertin Award in 2015.

Jayden has played in interstate games with both the Victorian Soccer Team and Doveton Special Soccer Club, as well as an overseas trip to China.

Jayden loves soccer and the friendships he has made within the club.

Jayden’s other big interest is riding his mountain bike.

As parents it has been great to see Jayden achieve different successes, gain social skills and been given such great opportunities through the club, as well as the actual physical improvements it’s helped with his disability.


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