Goodwill China Soccer Trip 2019

Doveton special soccer school are back from the goodwill China soccer trip, our players enjoyed a fantastic soccer trip, our first game in Beijing was against the Sport and Recreation Beijing institute for peoples with a disabilities , we meet many athletes who represent China in internationals events with many gold medals for China, the soccer game finishes Doveton s.s.s 7–China Sport Recreation 2 . The second game was against XI’AN Gaoxin Middle School the population in the school is 6.000 students and 400 teachers ,the day was really unforgeable for everyone of us, the opening ceremony was very professional with many speeches from the local government and the both national anthem played , the game was very friendly and both country show the sportsmanship in the end Doveton won 5-3 in the half time they present a ten minutes show with the pompon girls from the school, I was really impressed with the way they welcome the Australia team and I wish in Victoria we can get more attention when disable soccer teams join together in some special days , Shanghai was very relaxing and our group enjoy the beautiful city . I would like to thanks players,carers and family also to our supporters for financial help and from the bottom of my hart big thank you to our president and vice-president Wendy Phillips and Cristina Loyola fantastic job well done,to Paul Phillips as a coach thank you and my immense gratitude to.Charlie and Shorey for all the help I got from them and made my trip coordinator more easy, thanks to everyone to made one of my dream come reality. Once again thank you so much.

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  1. Thank you to all the organizers.
    It was a wonderful experience.
    China was a fantastic host, the people were very welcoming.
    The city of Xi’an was the highlight for me.
    Australia could learn from the chinese government about supporting its athletes and the training centres they have established. We are very impressed.

  2. Thanks for you comments,specialy in Victoria people’s with special needs deserved more attention in soccer ,the burocrat system in Australia leave a disable person with no right to enjoy soccer and in my opinion after working as a volunteer for 32 years it is no right.

  3. Thank you Michelle

    Was our pleasure to have you as a part of the fantastic group of peoples
    travelling with us to China.
    Once again thank you.

    Juan Carlos Goodwill China Trip coordinator.

    1. I would like to comment on the absolute amazing experience I was blessed to have had on the recent China trip with my brother Darren and the team for the Goodwill China trip with the coordinator Juan Carlos, his gorgeous wife Christina , hilarious Paul and amazing Wendy, Charlie and Shorey. I have to also acknowledge the beautiful families that I had the honor of meeting and sharing lots of laughs and stories along the way. I would really like to mention that this would not have been possible if not for the love for this team and over 8 months of planning, sleepless nights and constant organizing to make this once in a lifetime trip possible for the team. I couldn’t imagine the amount of time put into this event as it was so well planned and the organizers did it with the team and support people in mind to make this happen. I was so proud of the team and the way they conducted themselves in sometimes challenging situations, but came through this with lifelong memories and it really was Goodwill Tour from two very different parts of the world. I hope that the dream of bringing sport with special needs continues and the families really get behind a support the coOrdinator’s to make many more dreams come true and without support from the families mostly and the community this team would fold, I cant thank enough the time and effort made, and if was living in Victoria I would defiantly make it a point to throw effort and support their way. Once again Thank You to all involved and keep up the amazing work that sometimes goes unrecognized. WITHOUT such selfless people like Carlos and his amazing team this would not be possible for these guys and gals, so please get behind them so this incredible club can continue for many years to come. Michelle Mott.

  4. It was amazing tour for all club members and their family and carers! Thank you Carlos, Cristina, Wendy, Paul, Charlie and Shorey. It was fantastic opportunity for our kind. Life tome experience so far!

  5. This was a once in a life time event for the club members and players. The two game days when they played against the Chinese sides were a major highlight for me, with the spirit of good sportmanship and friendliness shining through from all the players, officials, family members and other supporters.
    The club in conjunction with Charlie and Shorey did a great job of organising the trip with plenty of interesting tourist activities, and lots of wonderful Chinese food.
    The group was terrific to be a part of.
    On behalf of myself and Darren Dohnt, thank you very very much to you all

  6. Presidents Report 13th June 2019
    Goodwill tour of China.
    I’d like to start off saying what a wonderful experience it was, I never imagined how much work it actually turned out to be. 3 cities in 10 days.
    I would like to thank Carlos for his dedication to this club and all the he has achieved for the players; this trip was a tiny seed that was planted 9 months ago and it grew into a blooming tree with branches going in different directions.
    On one branch we have made an alliance with the China-Australia Vanguard Sports and Culture Association, we had the great fortune of meeting Charlie W Xu and Shorey. These two gentlemen were instrumental in helping to organize our flights, Hotel bookings, Restaurant bookings, Transport around the 3 cities and tourist tickets. They also made contact with the local people to make games for us.
    The quality of hotels was fantastic, the amount of work and standard of the tour was outstanding.
    As you can imagine this was a huge undertaking from them. I cannot actually express how grateful I am for their dedication to this trip for our club.
    On this branch we have created a new friendship with the leaders from the Chinese community in Box Hill soccer and will next year help establish another club for people with special needs in the Box Hill area.
    On other branches we have created contacts in China that would like to start soccer programs for Special needs modelled on what our club has running here. They were very impressed with what we are doing, the local media was in Xian filming our game and it was run on their television. Don’t be surprised if Carlos is invited there in the future to start training coaches and running clinics in Xian. In the future we will be planning to host teams from China to play in a tournament at our home ground and China has certainly set the bar high, we were treated like special guests on arrival by both schools, we had a tour of the facilities and were welcomed by staff and students, had fabulous lunches supplied and even had cheerleaders preforming at the half time. It was a wonderful time of friendship and sportsmanship.
    The trunk of the tree was our family (The members of the club) traveling together and learning to help and support each other through some challenging times. New friendships were formed, players learnt to be more independent, I learnt that even the higher functioning players needed much more support than I had anticipated and I learnt how stressful it is trying to keep a group of 28 people together when at tourist spots where there are 80,000 other people there.
    We had the day at Disneyland what a wonderful place where imagination and dreams come true, really need a whole week there to see and do everything but it was a lovely way to end our trip.
    My family is thankful for the wonderful opportunity Doveton Special Soccer School has enabled us to travel to China, Brooke has strengthened her friendships within the club, tasted different food, learnt about a new culture and their history and experienced international travel. She has grown in many ways and she has played soccer in China. WOW.
    I am proud to have had the opportunity to be part of the team that organized this trip and proud of the way we were able to overcome some issues that arose during the trip and the overall behaviour of players. Well done team.

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