Football For All Abilities 2017

On Saturday 3rd of June Doveton Special Soccer School participated in the first games of the season in the FFV All Abilities League. This is the first year that this league has been run in Victoria.

Doveton Special Soccer School players had a fantastic day and were a wonderful experience for a few of our first-time players.

Doveton have 3 teams entered in the league. The senior team are in the kangaroo league; they played 2 games on Saturday and came away with 2 wins. First game 9-6 and Second game 8-5

Comment from the coach was they all played well with a special mention to Jayden Breen who ran and ran and didn’t give up. The opposition teams played extremely well and put up a good fight.

The intermediate team are in the wallaby green league; they also played 2 games and won both matches, first game 20 – 5 and second game 7 – 4. As this was the first game it highlighted where the league might need to move some teams to other leagues so we don’t get blowout scores.  Manager’s comment was go girl power Meagan Lee and Brooke Phillips played fantastic games.

The junior team play in the wallaby yellow league, they played 1 game on the day, they lost the game  7-4 they still had a great experience from the game. The coach’s comment was great day with room for improvement.

Thank you to all the hard-working people from Doveton that have put in a lot of time to get this up and running.

Thanks to all the other clubs and thanks to Meagan and Jen and all the other people at FFV who have put in a great effort to get this league up and running.

Next Games 17th June

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