2013 Holt Australia Day Awards

Cristina Loyola and Simon Pollock were awarded 2013 Holt Australia Day Awards for their contribution to disabled people. Anthony Byrne MP, Federal Member for Holt honoured 31 outstanding individuals and one local organisation for their contribution to our community on Australia Day. The 2013 Holt Australia Day Awards were presented at the Day of Nations celebrations in Hampton Park and at the Actively Diverse Day celebrations in Doveton. A large crowd of families and friends turned out to support the recipients.

“We as a country are at our best when we come together for the common good. In my view we do that better here than anywhere else in the country. On this day we want to recognise those who do this and contribute to the community to make our place a better place,” said Mr Byrne.

“I congratulate all those receiving Holt Australia Day Awards for their exemplary community spirit and endless hours of volunteer work making our community a better and safer place to live. These people do not get the same accolades as other famous people but in their own quiet Australian way they do tremendous work in giving their precious time to make other peoples’ lives better” said Mr Byrne.

Dinner Presentation 2012

Two hundred and fifty people attended the wonderful night to see the medal presentation for all players at Doveton Special Soccer School, with a three course meal and live music on offer.