All Abilities Football League , Gala Day

On Sunday 25th of June Doveton Special Soccer School attended the gala day hosted by Football Federation Victoria.

It was a cold and windy day but at least it didn’t rain on us.

The day was held at Parade College in Bundoora.  It was wonderful to see so many people of all abilities enjoying the game of soccer.

Doveton had 3 teams that played on the day.

Our senior team played 2 games, Unfortunately they lost both games.Our intermediate team played 1 game which they won and our Junior team played 1 game and they lost also.

.Also thank you to all the players for the respect they showed with a minutes silence to acknowledge the passing of our coach Paul’s father, Mr D.A. Phillips.

We would they to thank Meagan Smith and her team of helpers for organising the day and we look forward to the next gala day in September.

2 Comments on “All Abilities Football League , Gala Day”

  1. Good day of soccer for our club members. Very long and cold day for the volunteers of doveton that stayed all day to keep it running smoothly for our club.

  2. As a soccer director I’m very proud of all the players and the coach’s,
    this is the first year,All Abilities Football League give the opportunity to many peoples every day to play or participate in this beautiful game called Soccer. Many modification Appended constantly to improve the league but with
    the job Football Federation Victoria is doing we will see next year
    more big and strong competition, Like to thanks all me committee
    members for the strong support I got, also to all the players families
    and friend for believe in our club and give the support we need through
    the year.

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