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                   Doveton Special Soccer School  re-start soccer  training   from 9.30 to 11.30 am starting                                   Saturday  7th November 

At Soccer5   29 Brindley St Dandenong South 

There will be no access to the building except for toilet facilities which will be 1 in 1 out. All participants will be required to follow the directions.
The cafe/ bar will be open and selling take away with deals. They are only taking card payments during this time.

                     Special Conditions apply following government guidelines to be Covid-19 safe. 

  • No spectators to enter the pitch, parents and careers must wait outside.
  • Players must enter via Brindley Street only designated entry point for the pitch’s 10 minutes before training start.
  • Will be a non-contact training session and non-contact games.
  • No headers during the trading are permitted due to the current regulations.
  • Shake hand and high five are no permitted.
  • Each pitch is limited to 10 players sonly (a coach will be present but must be 1.5 meters away all the times).
  • All players details must provide to me one day before training and I will pass the information to the center management. 
  • Must provide name, address, and phone number.
  • As a soccer director I had to sign the Covid-19 participant agreement.
  • If I had the interest of more them ten players, we would hire other pitch.
  • Each player will take the bib he or her use in training to wash in home and bring back follow week.
  • No allow to share water bottle
  • When you finish you training must leave the pitch immediately.
  • Please send to me an email if you are ready to be training, we need minimum of 10 players and remember you need to agree to be in training before training time or you will miss the training all together   if all the players and coaches are in the pitch.