All Abilities Football Round 4

Wallabies Green

Game 1- Ringwood City FC   Vs Doveton SSS

Final Score  1 -7

Congratulations again on a great effort by ALL players

A very entertaining game for the crowd without any doubt. We forgot about the cold wind and cheered  our team to glory.

Jonathon stole the show with 4 great goals, followed by Jackson who played half the game in defence with 2 goals and Meagan who played a curved ball into the goals for goal of the match. David was so close to scoring 500 times I think!

Darren held Ringwood to only 1 goal and our powerhouse defence Brooke and Raymond made defending look easy.

All over great team effort. Well done.

Thank you to Ringwood for a great game.



Game 2- Northern Falcons Vs Doveton SSS

Final Score 3-9

With no rest Doveton started their 2nd game in style

A very determined team, stuck to their game plan for another impressive win!  With coaching tips from David on the sideline Jeff’s job was made easy.

Encouragement from Carlos sprinting up and down on the other side of the pitch may have helped too!

Goal of the match was kicked by Raymond as it rolled and rolled into the net. Jonathon “Ronaldo” and Jackson “Messi” were in competition with each other for top scorer, finishing with 4 goals each.

Great effort guys. Most determined awards to be given to our girls Brooke and Meagan with a “don’t mess with me “attitude. Both girls attacked and defended the ball so well.

Darren in goals was like a jumping  jack this game, saving a  mass of shots from the Falcons and only conceding 3 goals .Fantastic effort Darren.

Congratulations on not only a great win against a competitive side in the Falcons, but a fantastic display of team effort

To all our supporters who braved the Icy winds, THANKYOU

To the Falcons well played, great effort.

Darren,Brooke and Megan played fantastic game

We like to thank to the official Referee for help all the players to enjoyed the game forgetting many time the normal rules but making a wonderful day of football.