Presentation Night 2016

Doveton special soccer school held its annual dinner dance on Saturday 19th November.  A wonderful night with a 3 course meal, band and lots of dancing. It was an opportunity for the club to showcase all of the year’s events and to thank all of the sponsors and supporters of the club. Also gives the players a chance to dress up and socialize with each other away from the soccer pitch. Players were presented with medals. The night was attended by 220 people.

Thanks to Club Creole and Montalfa Catering for their contribution on the night.

Congratulation to all the players for participated in the Skills competition

                              Bronze           Silver                Gold

Div        9             Kosta             Axel                        Lacklan/R.Carlos

Div        8             Rhys              Dimitri                   Shaun

Div        7             Martin          Jackson                  Jordan

Div       6              Peter              David S                  Joseph

Div        5             David C         Patrick                   James

Div       4              Meagan         Dora                        Amy

Div       3         Raymond/Predrag      Joshua      Jonathan

Div        2             Simon           Frank                      Jayden

Div        1              Darren          Tanie                     Brooke


Specials Awards

Most   Improved Junior Player 2016…Amy

Most   Improved Intermediate Player 2016 … Jackson

Most   Improved Senior Player 2016 … Predrag