Friendly Competition in Melbourne

On Saturday 27th of August a team of 10 Doveton S.S.S seniors players traveled to Darebin to play a mini round robin competition against the Victorian C.P state team and Wangaratta Football Academy.

They wore the new team uniform for the first time and the new track suits looked very smart. Thank you to African Dreams Holidays  and the Dandenong Club for sponsoring the new uniforms.

First game they played against Victorian C.P state team, our players struggled in the first half but after the coach talked to them at half time they played fantastic and all the training they have been doing worked really well for them and they ended up with a well deserved 3-1 win.

Second game against Wangaratta Football Academy started much the same as the first game but it all came together in the second half again with another win. 3-0

Thank you to the three coaches and the families that were there to support our players. Great day was had by all.

Friendly soccer game in Doveton

Saturday 20th of August   Doveton Special Soccer School  received   Northern Falcons S.C  for other soccer game  was a good tune-up for our players ( before travel to Darebin International Sports Complex) the seniors won 16-1 , congratulation to all the players for the sportsmanship on the day.

Friendly Soccer Day.

Saturday 27th August

9am – 12:30pm

Darebin International Sports Complex,
Pitch 2 at John Cain Memorial Park.
Please enter via Darebin Road, and park in front of the Main Entrance.

9.30am -FF Victoria v Doveton
10.30am – FF Victoria v Wangaratta
11.30am – Wangaratta v Doveton

Annual Challenge Cup against City of Casey Councillors

On Saturday 30th of July  and  under our community program we played the  annual Challenge Cup against City of Casey Councillors.

This time our team  won the game 14-3 and Doveton Special Soccer School will keep the cup for one year.

Many supporters and families attended the Challenge Cup.

The community program is designed to raise awareness in the broader public about people with a disability and the fact they can play and enjoy sport.