Juan Carlos Loyola OAM Comunnitty award

The Juan Carlos Loyola OAM award for Longstanding Community Service is an annual event now is its third year.

It is presented to a resident of the  South-East Melbourne who has show a long-term dedication to the local community through their volunteer work. It was our pleasure to present this ward to Senior Sergeant Ronald Sinclair who has been the president of the police soccer club since 1995 and the drive force for all of its charitable and community contribution for over 20 years.

We happily celebrate his leadership and passion for volunteering.

Ron has worked tirelessly over years in organising community initiatives to develop community partnerships. Investing our time and energy into the community is the most simple and most effective way to shape our society. We have no doubt that Ron has change many lives both here in Victoria and overseas through his unyielding drive to help those less fortunate.

Thank you Ronald Sinclair for you longstanding voluntary service.