RMF Community Day

On Sunday 18th October we participated in the Reagan Milstein Foundation Soccer Day.

It was held at the Knox Regional Football Centre, It was the first time for many of our players to play at this centre. It is a wonderful venue.

Doveton Special Soccer School had three teams on the day with a junior side, an intermediate and the senior team.

A great day was had by all, the weather was wonderful, our players had plenty of support from their families and the other teams where very friendly with some friendships forming and catching up with old friends.

It was an extremely well organized day with lots of different community groups coming together.

We have made some great contacts to have future games.

Our senior team won their division and were presented with a medal on the day.

We would like to thank Kevin Milstein for inviting us to this day and we look forward to participating again next year.

Juan Carlos Loyola OAM Comunnitty award

The Juan Carlos Loyola OAM award for Longstanding Community Service is an annual event now is its third year.

It is presented to a resident of the  South-East Melbourne who has show a long-term dedication to the local community through their volunteer work. It was our pleasure to present this ward to Senior Sergeant Ronald Sinclair who has been the president of the police soccer club since 1995 and the drive force for all of its charitable and community contribution for over 20 years.

We happily celebrate his leadership and passion for volunteering.

Ron has worked tirelessly over years in organising community initiatives to develop community partnerships. Investing our time and energy into the community is the most simple and most effective way to shape our society. We have no doubt that Ron has change many lives both here in Victoria and overseas through his unyielding drive to help those less fortunate.

Thank you Ronald Sinclair for you longstanding voluntary service.

Gabrielle Williams PM State Member for Dandenong Visited Us

We invited Gabrielle Williams MP to come and watch us training and play at Springvale Indoor Soccer Stadium today 8th August 2015. Here is a picture with all of us . Hopefully Gabrielle will be able to support us in some way. Once again we thank you Gabrielle to come along .


Our club is supported by the VicHealth Active Club Grants

Doveton Special Soccer School Inc has been successful in reciving funding from VicHealth Active Club Grant to improve the safty of training and soccer games with new equipments to preever risks of injury. Our special thank you to VicHealth for supporting Doveton Special Soccer School.


Skills Competition

Skills Competition 2015 Dates:

Saturday July              4th

Saturday August         8th

Saturday September   5th

Saturday October       10th 

Medal presentation Saturday November 21st in our dinner dance Presentation.

Will be eight division with gold,silver and bronze medals for the winners.

Doveton Special Soccer School Inc AGM

AGM News

The Annual General Meeting for the Doveton Special Soccer School inc will be held on Thursday August 13th at 7:30PM at the Dandenong RSL 44-50 Clow St Dandenong.

The AGM is a very important meeting for the club and we urge all members to attend. It is your opportunity to hear how the club has fared for the past year and to ask questions of the committee.

It is also your opportunity to put something back into the club by nominating to help on the committee. The club needs people to keep it running. Without support from members the club will not continue. I know time is a valuable resource for all of us but is there a better way to spend your time than to put it into something that will benefit your child and many others.

If you are unable to be at the meeting you can vote by proxy using the appropriated form (and you can nominate for a position in absentia).

Nominations for the committee can be made on the appropriated form and (sending it to the secretary) or at the meeting. We would prefer nominations prior to the meeting so that proxy voters know who they can vote for.

I also need to remind you that you must be a participant member, family member or auxiliary member to vote or to nominate for a committee position. Family members must be nominated to the secretary before July 31st by each family.

All Positions are:
Vice President

Ordinary Members
Family Liaison
Soccer Director
Equipment Social Group

I hope to see all of you at the AGM meeting.