Challenge Cup

Challenge Cup

On Saturday 13th September, under our community program we played the 12th annual Challenge Cup against St Kevin’s College.

This time our senior team won 6-4 and will get to keep the cup for one year.

Many supporters and families attended the Challenge Cup.

In addition to our seniors win, our Junior team won 5-2 and our Intermediate team drew 4-4.

Attendees appreciated the dedicated and effort our all our players.

The community program is designed to raise awareness in the broader public about people with a disability and the fact they can play and enjoy sport.


We also welcome two new player members to Doveton Special Soccer School, Meagan and Jackson!


Our next community game will be 25th October against City of Casey Councillors at Waratah Reserve, Doveton Avenue, Doveton. All are welcome.

All Abilities Football Tournament Trophy

On Sunday 31st of August our players proudly won the first edition of the  All Abilities Football Tournament Trophy.

This was an incredible occasion and is a reflection of the hard work and training the players all put into the game.

It was fabulous to see all the players with various skills and physical abilities all participating and having a great time being supported by their families and spectators.

A special thank you to the committee members of Northern Falcon  and Northcote SC their participation and made possible the tournament.

This is what our club is all about, providing opportunities to everyone to participate and enjoy the game of soccer.

Thank you to all our families and coaches for all the support you provide our players throughout the year.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see those in charge of soccer in Victoria support our club and provide encouragement to players  with intellectually disabilities to play the wonderful game called soccer …. hopefully they are reading this information .

Once again thanks to all those support us for 22 years.