Mount Martha come to Doveton

On Saturday 2nd of   July  under our community program we received the visited of Mount Martha Soccer Club at Icon Arena Indoor Sport . Was fantastic see all the players join together in skills training and one hour soccer games ,the highlight of the day

was the sportsmanship of the two clubs members, this show that not only they  learn to play soccer but also  developed social skills .                                                                                  Attendees( familiars and Friends)  appreciated the dedication  and effort of  the players.

The community program is designed to raise awareness in the broader public about people with a disability and the fact they can play and enjoy sport.                                                   Our special thanks to Mount Martha S.C for accepted the invitation ,the doors are open now for many more games in the future.

Cash Helps Maintain their Pride

By CAM LUCADOU-WELLS     Dandenong Journal Newspaper

There’s a lofty, abiding aim at Doveton Special Soccer School to give its players the best – without cost to their families.
That aim has been achieved in the past and will be reached a little easier in the future thanks to a record $27,700 grant from Dandenong Club on 13 May.
The grant will help cover complete soccer kits and tracksuits, soccer balls, ground and indoor facility hire this winter, as well as a $15,000 interstate trip to national championships in October for the school’s 30 players and five coaches.
Founder and coach Juan Carlos Loyola OAM  said his players will wear their new uniforms with pride.
“The grant is a tremendous help for us. It means we can continue to help families of intellectually disabled kids.
“The enjoyment of our players comes first and this donation will fulfill their dream to play away as we can now travel to Launceston to compete in October”
The donation signified how much the soccer club’s reputation had grown since its founding in 1993, Mr Loyola said.
About a thousand players have been through the club in that period. Eight have represented Australia, flown over at the club and its sponsors’ expense.
That kind of dedication has earned the club and Mr Loyola countless community awards including an OAM. It also costs up to $55,000 a year run the club.
“It’s money that’s difficult to find. Now our present is good and our future fantastic.”
The Argentinean-born founder’s goal from the start was to give kids with an intellectual disability a chance to enjoy soccer – in training and in games.
“But I wanted to give them the best.
“They deserve the quality of opportunity like any of us.”
In that time, the club has grown to be the biggest of its type in the state, and one of the biggest in the country.
“We are not necessarily there to make a star player, but to prepare these people to be up there in the community and to enjoy a normal life.”
Players learn the qualities of team sport that transpose into work and life – discipline, sharing, communication and understanding other people.
“We are here to give service to the community and make a big difference and I think I done all ready”
“We’re teaching our players to enjoy life – that’s the main thing.”
The grant was facilitated by Dandenong MP Gabrielle Williams after meeting Community Clubs Victoria president Leon Wiegard.
Dandenong Club president Charlie Daly said the grant was part of nearly $100,000 given back to the community in the past two years.
“It is with great pride we donate this money, and we wish the Doveton Special School the best of luck in their games.
“We are happy to see the smiles of the athletes.”



Docfootball Tournoment


Saturday 21st  of May  we traveled to Watsonia where the DocFootball Academy              Hosted the second soccer tournament with the participation of few  our clubs

We took three teams and they played fantastic and also enjoyed a wonderful soccer day,congratulation to all the player for won the cup and show excellent sportsmanship          in every games,congratulation to the organization to made possible the games and we compromise our participation next year. Special thanks to all the parents and carers for support the club

Well deserved donation

Doveton Special Soccer School would like to thank the Dandenong Club for their very generous donation.                                                                                                                                     The Dandenong club presented a cheque of $27,700.00 to Our club at the Doveton Soccer grounds.                                                                                                                                                                 We would also like to thank all the people involved in helping the club to receive this donation.

Gabriella Williams MP, State member for Dandenong.

Richard Amon CEO  Disability Sport and Recreation

The Board of the Dandenong club.

Ian Cohen  CEO Cozalive  Media and Communication

This funding will enable the club to provide many opportunities to people with a disability to play soccer. The club often has to travel long distances to play games, even going interstate and this can be expensive, many of our family’s just can’t afford the cost.

Our new tracksuits with the DC logo on it look very smart as well.

We will wear it with pride.