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Doveton Special Soccer School was founded on March 3, 1993 by Juan Carlos Loyola OAM


In the early 1990’s he joined the SOV Southern Region as a coach the same year he became the Special Olympics State Football Coach for the Melbourne National Games

He also helped other areas such as Wangaratta, Geelong, Morwell, Moe to play football and train regularly on weekends.

1992 Brisbane National Games, coach of Vic.

1993 I start my own football club (still in operation) called Doveton Special Soccer School. I take my own time each week to help the Specials School across Victoria and set up football clinics for students and talk to school principals about football programs.

1996 The club made possible a “Football Friendship Day” which included a specialist school, where 47 players participated in the first league.

Friendship Day is growing amazingly fast and 300-312 students (every year) enjoy a football championship, from the first tournament each player took home a medal (gold, silver, or bronze).

I set the previous one to have quality in terms of the tournament, the Championship was the height of the school year calendar that arrived as Moe, Wangaratta, Bendigo and also many special schools around Melbourne. The league is played in five hours with 28 games using seven football pitches. From the Friendship Championship 9 players could be selected for the World Cup in Sweden 2004 and again seven players went to represent Australia at the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany (four players from the Doveton Special Soccer School).

My commitment to work in football for IDPs received the attention of AUSRAPID and in 2004 he became Australia’s Australian Football Coach for the INAS-FID World Games in Bollnas Sweden.

2004 I started working with more players who have autism, they also completed a course to work with people with hearing problems, today I work with many different types of people with disabilities.

In 2006 he volunteered for the Commonwealth Games as a medal presenter and VIP escort.

My commitment and passion paid off again when I was first named Australia Head Soccer Coach for the 2006 INAS-FID World Cup Germany.

Also, for the last twenty-four years, we have had a Community Program that includes football games against Primary School, Girls and Boys College, Victoria Police Soccer Club, and many local football clubs. You also receive many invitations to speak at the conference and to organize the community about people with disabilities in sports.

Note: In 2009 I was selected as the head football coach for the S.O. The Victorian football team that plays in the Adelaide National Games 2010, but after a few months I resign S.O.V due to my wife’s illness (thank God she is fine now), I still help the team.

2016 Doveton S.S.S creates our home in Soccer5 Dandenong South with extremely good facilities thanks to our partners Soccer5 Sport Complex.

2019 Our club plays international friendly games in Beijing, Xi’an and Shanghai.

Take this opportunity and become a member of our football club.

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