Information regarding COVID-19

Stage 3 Restrictions are in place for Metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire. During this time, it’s important to practice good hygiene, keep social distance (1.5m) from others, and get tested if you feel unwell.

Advice regarding the pandemic can be found on the Department of Health and Human Services website, or by contacting the coronavirus hotline 1800 675 398, open 24/7.

Important information has been translated for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Other useful links:

COVID19 Restrictions for Sport and Exercise

COVID19 Information for People with a Disability

It is important we all have each other’s backs. We will get through this together.


Name: Tanie

Country of birth: Australia

Tanie was born on the 10th November 1993 in Melbourne.

Tanie has autism, intellectual disability, ADHD and epilepsy.

Very energetic and loves sport. Started with Doveton Special Soccer School 15 years ago. He decided to be the goalkeeper very early on, maybe the 2nd year of playing. He’s very dedicated and enthusiastic about playing soccer, always gives more than 100% when training or playing games. He lives for soccer.

It’s very satisfying to see him improve so much, from a child who had tantrums, anger outbursts to the player he became now, as the director of soccer opinion he is one of best in Australia.


Name: Brooke

Country of birth: Australia

Nickname: Bruce

I joined Doveton Special Soccer School in 2008, Mum did not think I was going to like it after the first training I attended but I loved it.

Shortly after I started at the club, I broke my ankle at home and needed surgery on it, so I had to stop soccer for a while.

I re-joined the club in 2009, I was injury free for a while and then in 2014 I fractured some bones in my foot at training and was in a moon boot for many months and could not play soccer, I was not incredibly happy.

I really enjoy soccer each Saturday, Carlos is my friend as well as my coach.

My dad coaches me and sometimes he says to me if I do not score a goal I have to walk home.

I have made lots of friends at soccer and have also been on lots of trips with the club.

I have been to China, and I also went at 2010 to Adelaide and played for Victoria in the Special Olympics.

Doveton Special Soccer School has become an especially important part of my life and I look forward to it every week.

My other interests are dancing, Melbourne Storm, going on outings and spending time with my family and pets.

Juan Carlos Loyola OAM

  • 1992 3MP Easy music award ( community work) **
  • 1999 Non-Resident citizen of the year award from city of Dandenong. **
  • 2000 Nomination for citizen of the year City Of Casey
  • 2001 D. S.S.S nomination community event of the year City Of Casey
    2001 Volunteer of the year award City Of Casey **
  • 2001 Certificate of appreciation government Of Victoria.
  • 2001 Special invitation by the Governor honourable John Landy.
  • 2002 Event of the Year City of Casey.
  • 2003 Centenary of Federation Medal Award. **
  • 2003 Named Australia Head Soccer Coach National Team People With Intellectual Disability
  • 2004 Australia Head Soccer Coach INAS-FID Global Games ,Bollnas, Sweden
  • 2004 Tattersall’s Enterprise Archived Award. **
  • 2005 Volunteers for 2006 Commonwealth Games Medal Presentation Award **
  • 2005 Australia Head Soccer Coach INAS-FIF World Cup Germany 2006
  • 2006 Toyota Local Hero Commonwealth Games.
  • 2006 Vic Sport Nomination, Victorian Sport Leadership Award
  • 2007 Herald Sun Pride Of Australia Medal Nomination
  • 2009 The Order Australia Medal Award **
  • 2009 Holt Australia Day Awards **
  • 2012 Nomination for citizen of the year City Of Casey
  • 2012 City Of Casey Sportsperson of the year
  • 2012 Award **
  • 2013 City Of Casey Australia Day Community Service Award **
  • 2013 Longstanding Community Service Award **
  • 2014 Nomination for citizen of the year City Of Casey
  • 2014 Disability Sport Recreation Finalist Lifetime Achievement Award
  • 2015 Finalist Award Coach of the year Disability Sport Recreation .

Cristina Loyola

Cristina Loyola is one of the founders of Doveton Special School since its inception in 1992, she was always and is present in everything that our club involves in, she always chose the best for our members, she also suffered many deprivations due to the desire to carry the organization forward, from washing the shirts, helping to prepare the playing field, helping in the competition skills, first aid, being an active bbq helper to raise funds for the club and a fundamental participant in organizing our 25th annual presentations, organizing gifts, presenting medals preparing the hall, and also selecting the food for all these events.

Cristina one of the most significant contributions was working hard on the project; the China2019 friendship trip, all the time Cristina is ready to help any person living with a disability and all the community in general.

Wendy Phillips

Country of birth: New Zealand

Family: Married, 3 children and 1 grandson

Hobby’s: Reading, Crafting, traveling and spending time with family.

Nickname: Wooze

My daughter Brooke has been playing soccer with Doveton Special Soccer School since 2008, It’s been a family affair with my husband coaching and my other daughter and her partner volunteering over the years as well.

I became the president about 8 years ago, I have enjoyed my time at the club, mixing with all the families, the carers and most importantly the players.

I have a background in health care and have a passion to support and care for people.

The players are so refreshing, and its very rewarding to say that our club gives all players a chance to play soccer regardless of their ability.

Paul Phillips

Country of birth:  New Zealand

Family: Married with 3 children and 1 grandson

Nickname: Uncle Fester

Hobby’s:  Riding my Harley, Watching Melbourne Storm, spending time with family and traveling.

My Daughter Brooke joined Doveton Special Soccer School in 2008 and really enjoyed it.

Over the years our family increasingly became more involved in the club.

I started to help out as a casual coach when I was available and enjoyed being around the players.

Over the last 10 years I have been coaching alongside Carlos every Saturday been away on many trips, the most challenging was China in 2019.

I developed a love of soccer from my father whom grew up in England and we followed the English Premiere league. Dad went for Liverpool and I secretly followed Manchester united.

As a Child I played soccer in New Zealand and represented Wellington in the regional league as a defender and a goalkeeper.

As a teenager I got into motorbikes and cars and soccer was more a social game for me, I still played but in the social league.

Wendy and I arrived in Australia in 1986, that’s when i became involved in softball as a player and a coach. Our whole family was playing softball on a Saturday for a few years, at the ground at 8am and last game finished at 6pm. They were very long days.

I have also played indoor cricket and indoor soccer for many years in Springvale.

I love being around the players, the challenges they present and seeing how happy they are to be playing the game we call soccer.