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Stage 3 Restrictions are in place for Metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire. During this time, it’s important to practice good hygiene, keep social distance (1.5m) from others, and get tested if you feel unwell.

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COVID19 Restrictions for Sport and Exercise

COVID19 Information for People with a Disability

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Back To Soccer Training 

                   Doveton Special Soccer School  re-start soccer  training   from 9.30 to 11.30 am starting                                   Saturday  7th November 

At Soccer5   29 Brindley St Dandenong South 

There will be no access to the building except for toilet facilities which will be 1 in 1 out. All participants will be required to follow the directions.
The cafe/ bar will be open and selling take away with deals. They are only taking card payments during this time.

                     Special Conditions apply following government guidelines to be Covid-19 safe. 

  • No spectators to enter the pitch, parents and careers must wait outside.
  • Players must enter via Brindley Street only designated entry point for the pitch’s 10 minutes before training start.
  • Will be a non-contact training session and non-contact games.
  • No headers during the trading are permitted due to the current regulations.
  • Shake hand and high five are no permitted.
  • Each pitch is limited to 10 players sonly (a coach will be present but must be 1.5 meters away all the times).
  • All players details must provide to me one day before training and I will pass the information to the center management. 
  • Must provide name, address, and phone number.
  • As a soccer director I had to sign the Covid-19 participant agreement.
  • If I had the interest of more them ten players, we would hire other pitch.
  • Each player will take the bib he or her use in training to wash in home and bring back follow week.
  • No allow to share water bottle
  • When you finish you training must leave the pitch immediately.
  • Please send to me an email if you are ready to be training, we need minimum of 10 players and remember you need to agree to be in training before training time or you will miss the training all together   if all the players and coaches are in the pitch.

Doveton Special Soccer School Presentation 2019

I would like to thank all the people who supported the 25th anniversary   presentation night this year.      It was a fantastic evening where the players and families enjoyed nice food, good music and two wonderful  floor show.  Once again on behalf of our committee members and myself thank you to everyone.




Doveton .S.S.S vs Parliament Members

Doveton Special Soccer School would like to thanks to all the Members of the Victoria Parliament

for join and support our club  community program .

The weather was not to kind to us and at one stage it looked like the day would have to be cancelled.

It was drizzled all day but this didn’t dampen the spirit of the game or the participants.

It was a wonderful day with all players enjoyed the game and also show that all the politician  right or wrong are human and they support community activity even if many peoples not believed, after the game   lunch was provided for all.

Thank you to all involved for making this day a success,

Doveton Special Soccer School wishes to acknowledge and thank all  staff members of Soccer5s Dandenong.


All Abilities Soccer Day 2019


Saturday 19th of October  Doveton Special Soccer School held undur the project “Increase Sport and Social Participation for People With Special Needs” the All Abilities Soccer Day with the participation of Frankston SDS,Northern Falcon,DOC Academy and other organization  working with special need peoples.

Everybody enjoyed the day not only for the games but also  for  meet again many friends ,congratulation to all the players and big thank you to  the  coach’s,teachers,carers  and team manager, also thank you so much to all the families for support the players from every group was really a fantastic day of soccer and each players take home a well deserved medal.

Anybody up there  wishing to play soccer contact the club  or call Carlos 0414 393 700.

Great Opportunitie

Our club Doveton Special Soccer School Inc had an extension of our Special Needs program which we run all year every Saturday from 1.30pm to 3.00 pm, The club activities have become very popular with kids and adults and it’s a day of sheer fun. If you have a child or adult with special needs and you want to get them into exercise and sport, then why not let them come and try our club first.
Call or email Carlos if you need further information
Phone: 0414 393 700
Our home ground address is 29 Brindley Street, Dandenong South

All Abilities Friendship Day

                                                              Expression of interest

As Director of Soccer it is my grant pleasure to announce that under our community program.

     “Increase sport and social participation for people with special needs”

Doveton Special Soccer School would like to invite your organization or special school to participate in the All Abilities Friendship Soccer Tournament be held:

                                 Friday 18th of October 2019

Where:  Our Home Ground Soccer5s (Is all synthetic grass)

Address: 29 Brindley Street, Dandenong South, Victoria 3175

You can express your interest to participate in the All Abilities Friendship Soccer Tournament by contacting me by email …. remember the event is free of charge.

Starting Time opening ceremony 10.30 am

Games Starting time 11.00am

Medal Presentation for all players 1.30pm

Maximum of 10 players per school or Organization (can be unlimited teams).

The games will be 5 vs 5 competition, Round Robin.

We would like to see both high and low skilled players in the competition. We will adjust the competition to be enjoyable for all skill levels. All players will take home a medal.

Due of the fantastic success and high level of interest in this event in the past, I need your cooperation to allow us to efficiently plan these games. Please contact me with an expression of interest by e-mail ( before 21st of September 2019 if your school may be able to participate and also the number of teams you wish to enter. (If your school has more than one team, all are very welcome)

All entries must be confirmed by the 1st of October 2019.

All the necessary information will be provided by the first week of October.

Car Park and Café-Bar Facilities.

Male and Female changing rooms.

 I very much appreciate your support.

Director of Soccer 


Goodwill China Soccer Trip Pictures

I would like to thank to all those peoples made possible the Goodwill China Trip for Doveton Special Soccer School .

It was a wonderful experience,China was a fantastic host,the people welcoming our group and and give very warm reception to our players. Our state could learn from the chinese people about supporting its athletes with a special needs and the training centres they have established . As a club and personally we are very impressed ,once again thank you Beijing-XI-an and Shanghai.

Goodwill China Soccer Trip 2019

Doveton special soccer school are back from the goodwill China soccer trip, our players enjoyed a fantastic soccer trip, our first game in Beijing was against the Sport and Recreation Beijing institute for peoples with a disabilities , we meet many athletes who represent China in internationals events with many gold medals for China, the soccer game finishes Doveton s.s.s 7–China Sport Recreation 2 . The second game was against XI’AN Gaoxin Middle School the population in the school is 6.000 students and 400 teachers ,the day was really unforgeable for everyone of us, the opening ceremony was very professional with many speeches from the local government and the both national anthem played , the game was very friendly and both country show the sportsmanship in the end Doveton won 5-3 in the half time they present a ten minutes show with the pompon girls from the school, I was really impressed with the way they welcome the Australia team and I wish in Victoria we can get more attention when disable soccer teams join together in some special days , Shanghai was very relaxing and our group enjoy the beautiful city . I would like to thanks players,carers and family also to our supporters for financial help and from the bottom of my hart big thank you to our president and vice-president Wendy Phillips and Cristina Loyola fantastic job well done,to Paul Phillips as a coach thank you and my immense gratitude to.Charlie and Shorey for all the help I got from them and made my trip coordinator more easy, thanks to everyone to made one of my dream come reality. Once again thank you so much.

All Abilities Gala Day 2019

Last Saturday 4th of May Doveton Special Soccer School participated with two team at the Football Victoria all abilities gala day 2019. Everybody enjoyed the day not only for the games but also we meet again many friends ,congratulation to all the players and big thank you to our coach’s and team manager, also thank you so much to all the families for support the players and our club. Thank you very much to Sharon Wong from Football Victoria for organized a fantastic day of soccer.