Victorian Parliamentary Vs Doveton

Saturday 3rd of December  the Victorian Parliamentary Labor Team (with a couple of ring-ins) played the  second Friendship Match against the Doveton Special Soccer School. It was another fun game with a group of talented players from DSSS who again took the points and trophy with a 3-0 victory! A special thanks to Juan Carlos Loyola OAM for all his work with DSSS and to all the MPs who came to Doveton for the match – particularly the Deputy Premier James Merlino who displayed some skills  and gave his all, despite pulling his hamstring late in the match!
A well deserved win for the DSSS!

Thanks to the players ,coaches  for participated on the day.

Also our intermediate and juniors team play a friendly game against DOC Football academic winning the game 6-1 congratulation to our future soccer star .

We come back to training Saturday 18th of February 2017 from 10 am to 12 noon in our ground Wartah Reserve Doveton.

On behalf of all the players and committee members we like to wish to everybody a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR

Presentation Night 2016

Doveton special soccer school held its annual dinner dance on Saturday 19th November.  A wonderful night with a 3 course meal, band and lots of dancing. It was an opportunity for the club to showcase all of the year’s events and to thank all of the sponsors and supporters of the club. Also gives the players a chance to dress up and socialize with each other away from the soccer pitch. Players were presented with medals. The night was attended by 220 people.

Thanks to Club Creole and Montalfa Catering for their contribution on the night.

Congratulation to all the players for participated in the Skills competition

                              Bronze           Silver                Gold

Div        9             Kosta             Axel                        Lacklan/R.Carlos

Div        8             Rhys              Dimitri                   Shaun

Div        7             Martin          Jackson                  Jordan

Div       6              Peter              David S                  Joseph

Div        5             David C         Patrick                   James

Div       4              Meagan         Dora                        Amy

Div       3         Raymond/Predrag      Joshua      Jonathan

Div        2             Simon           Frank                      Jayden

Div        1              Darren          Tanie                     Brooke


Specials Awards

Most   Improved Junior Player 2016…Amy

Most   Improved Intermediate Player 2016 … Jackson

Most   Improved Senior Player 2016 … Predrag

St Kevin’s vs Doveton S.S.S

On Saturday 17th of September, under our community program we played the 15th annual Challenge Cup against St Kevin’s College.

This time our senior team drew  4-4 and lost in penalty 4-3

Our junior team won 14-7 and our Intermediate team won 12-6

Many supporters and families attended the games, appreciated the dedication  and effort of our players. The community program is designed to raise awareness in the broader public about people with a disability and the fact they can play and enjoy sport.

team-2016-st-kev Our special thanks to all the students and teachers of St Kevin’s College.

Friendly Competition in Melbourne

On Saturday 27th of August a team of 10 Doveton S.S.S seniors players traveled to Darebin to play a mini round robin competition against the Victorian C.P state team and Wangaratta Football Academy.

They wore the new team uniform for the first time and the new track suits looked very smart. Thank you to African Dreams Holidays  and the Dandenong Club for sponsoring the new uniforms.

First game they played against Victorian C.P state team, our players struggled in the first half but after the coach talked to them at half time they played fantastic and all the training they have been doing worked really well for them and they ended up with a well deserved 3-1 win.

Second game against Wangaratta Football Academy started much the same as the first game but it all came together in the second half again with another win. 3-0

Thank you to the three coaches and the families that were there to support our players. Great day was had by all.

Friendly soccer game in Doveton

Saturday 20th of August   Doveton Special Soccer School  received   Northern Falcons S.C  for other soccer game  was a good tune-up for our players ( before travel to Darebin International Sports Complex) the seniors won 16-1 , congratulation to all the players for the sportsmanship on the day.

Friendly Soccer Day.

Saturday 27th August

9am – 12:30pm

Darebin International Sports Complex,
Pitch 2 at John Cain Memorial Park.
Please enter via Darebin Road, and park in front of the Main Entrance.

9.30am -FF Victoria v Doveton
10.30am – FF Victoria v Wangaratta
11.30am – Wangaratta v Doveton

Annual Challenge Cup against City of Casey Councillors

On Saturday 30th of July  and  under our community program we played the  annual Challenge Cup against City of Casey Councillors.

This time our team  won the game 14-3 and Doveton Special Soccer School will keep the cup for one year.

Many supporters and families attended the Challenge Cup.

The community program is designed to raise awareness in the broader public about people with a disability and the fact they can play and enjoy sport.

Mount Martha come to Doveton

On Saturday 2nd of July under our community program we received the visited of Mount Martha Soccer Club at Icon Arena Indoor Sport. Was fantastic see all the players join together in skills training and one hour soccer games, the highlight of the day was the sportsmanship of the two clubs members, this show that not only they learn to play soccer but also developed social skills.

Attendees (familiars and friends) appreciated the dedication and effort of the players.

The community program is designed to raise awareness in the broader public about people with a disability and the fact they can play and enjoy sport.

Our special thanks to Mount Martha S.C for accepted the invitation ,the doors are open now for many more games in the future.